Business leaders know it’s getting harder for their operation to function efficiently by solely relying  on email, phone and voicemail.

Customers ignore calls from unknown numbers. Voicemails lead to phone tag. Emails can get stuck in spam or take hours to days for a response.

These delays cost businesses billions in lost productivity and increased payroll expenses.

In comparison, with business texting, your communications are read and responded to, usually within the first minute!



Documents Get Signed & Returned Faster Using Text

Avoid email, scanning and printing.
Document signing requests sent by text are more likely to be returned in minutes instead of hours or days!
Alternative to unreliable email delivery and being lost in SPAM.

Increased convenience for prospects and clients.

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"We here at Christopher Ligori & Associates have had the pleasure of working with this program for the better part of a year, and have found company production has increased. This technology has allowed us to stay better connected to our clients in a more real-time basis. We are able to communicate immediately and more frequently as well as send documents for signature. We are in a business where time is sensitive and the ability to get documents to a client immediately is necessary.

This technology has helped ease the way we communicate with our clients. Not only do our employees love it, but our clients seem to enjoy the ability to communicate through text as well. If your business is run on a need for constant communication, we know that this technology can and will deliver."


Attorney, Founder at Christopher Ligori & Associates


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 Document Templates

Set-up repetitively used documents once and save time on future signings.

Features & Benefits


Concurrently send documents to hundreds or thousands of contacts to sign at once.

Integration With Your CRM

Seamlessly integrate text based document signing into your workflows.

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What is Send It by Text?

A system that recaptures lost productivity and time for business that currently rely on email, phone and voicemail to do so. These channels are likely leading to experiencing operational friction.

What do we mean by operational friction? Any process your business has that is slowed down when you need someone to respond or react to something using email, voicemail or phone. Some examples of these may be things like getting documents signed, having people show up for an appointment on time, or failure to reach people on the phone causing your process to be delayed or come to a dead stop.

We offer uniquely innovative, texting  solutions to help solve these problems, such as document signing by text, text-to-email/email-to-text , follow up/touch base drip messaging, and an entire suite of business texting solutions. By implementing them, your business will see an immediate boost in productivity and profitability.

Why Send It By Text?

It’s no secret, phone, voicemail and email are getting to be a less and less effective form of communication. More people tend not to answer the phone from a number they don’t recognize, costing you in more marketing dollars. Voicemails are responded to with a delay and may result in 'phone tag'.

Text, by contrast, has an open rate of 97% within the first minute!

Your business can now access this vital, preferred, communication channel to deliver a host of text based services and create happy customers along the way.

Now you can access an innovative solutions, not found in combination in any other system on the market today, to significantly enhance your business’ user experience. 

You can easily integrate these benefits into your existing software/CRM platform via API.

You will find many operational processes within your business break down by not having the ability to deliver messaging, appointment reminders or documents for signature by text.

How Will My Business Benefit From Using Send It By Text?

Most business have four areas in which they typically experience reduced operational friction using Sent It By Text.

Reduce Document Signing Friction- Are you emailing PDFs to people hoping they have a scanner, printer and time to execute your document or are you relying on dated and cumbersome document signing technology  that uses email which is slow and can get lost in spam folders or takes forever to return? Our document signing requests are delivered directly to your customer’s smartphone, read, signed and returned in minutes not hours or days or worse yet never!

Reduce Outreach Friction- We offer text and email based outreach, drip marketing and touch-base strategies allowing you to automate follow-up, customer satisfaction and customer notification strategies. Deliver holiday/birthday greetings or proactive, status-based, touch base message campaigns. Send It By Text has a host of set-up and forget outreach features that boost customer experience without the heavy lifting associated with traditional outreach programs.

Reduce In-Person or Phone Appointment Friction-Are people hard to reach on the phone or showing up late for appointments causing cascading issues with other appointments later in the day? We offer an innovative suite of appointment setting, acknowledging and reminding features that use text to dramatically increase show rates and boost user experience with your company.

Reduce Phone/Email Communication Friction- are you primarily relying on phone, voicemail and email to communicate? If so your missing out on the #1 channel people prefer, texting! With a read rate, within 1 minute of sending, of 97% and the fact that almost everyone you do business with has a smartphone you can leverage this advantage to open up two-way communication in a much more efficient manner.